Alfa Laval tricanter centrifuge, NX438B-11G

The Alfa Laval NX 438 centrifuges are designed especially to operate in extremely demanding separation jobs. High flow rates, very high solids content handling and high temperature processing have directed the NX438 design parameters – to fulfil the very tough conditions within the animal and fish processing industries. Furthermore, the NX438 provides the combination of an extraordinary high G-force, high torque capabilities and automated operation.

Flottweg tricanter, type Z6E-4 / 444 with extra rotating unit

One pre-owned Flottweg tricanter, type Z6E-4/444 HS2I 750 A – in excellent condition. YOM 1997. This tricanter has been in operation on fish silage with a capacity of 15-18 tons/hour. The design of this tricanter was specially focused on fine solids discharge.

This unit is in excellent condition and comes with a spare rotating unit. Original Flottweg electrical panel included.

Pieralisi decanter, type Major FP6002RS for sludge dewatering

Pieralisi sludge dewatering equipment for dewatering of municipal biological sludge. This decanter unit is also normally used in industrial applications. Capacity around 10.000 liters of sludge per hour with around 2 % dry solids.

Container with build-in GEA/HYSEP decanter for sludge dewatering

Complete, build in 20″ container, capacity up to 440 kg/hour dry substance. Plug-and -play unit.

GEA HYSEP decanter, type MD 53C with Viscotherm Rotodiff

Decanter for sludge dewatering. Capacity; approx. 400 kg dry solids/hour, i.ex. 20 m3/hour with 2 % dry solids (DS).

Alfa Laval decanter, AVNX419B-31G

Complete system for sludge dewatering – build into a 20″ container with starter panel.  The system comprises of feed pump, decanter unit, polymer sludge mixing, dosing unit, sludge conveyor and flow meter. Capacity; approx. 140 kg dry solids/hour, i.ex. 7 m3/hour with 2 % dry solids (DS).

Mobile Alfa Laval unit with Alfa Laval AVNX 919B-31G decanter

Decanter for sludge dewatering, industrial use. 1994. Model 4045, 353/202, 1,2 kg/dm3h, 3250 rpm, 30 kW motor
Capacity; approx. 150 kg dry solids/hour, i.ex. 6 m3/hour with 2,5 % dry solids (DS). Trailer dimensions: L x W x H: 350 cm x 200 cm x 214 cm

KHD-HUMBOLDT S2-1 sludge dewatering decanter

Decanter with hydraulic automatic back drive system for controlling relative speed of decanter conveyor.

Capacity; approx. 300 kg dry solids/hour.

KHD-HUMBOLDT S3-0 sludge dewatering decanter

Decanter with hydraulic automatic back drive system for controlling relative speed of decanter conveyor.

Capacity; approx. 400 kg dry solids/hour.

DDS decanter unit, type 252 S

Stainless steel – AISI 316 – decanter unit with 500 mm bowl diameter and beach angel 8,0 Deg. Decanter unit with ROTODIFF/Viscotherm hydraulic automatic back drive system. Capacity, sludge dewatering: approx. 400 kg/dry solids/hour. Specific gravity 1.2. Bowl speed, Max. 2400 rpm.  Excellent working condition. Also available for rent.

Westfalia sludge dewatering decanter, type DDS 800 LY

Decanter with hydraulic back drive system for automatically steering of relative conveyor speed. Capacity: 60 m3/h. Both decanters are in excellent working condition.

2 complete units. Year 1975. Both machines are from danish municipal cleaning plants and has been regularly overhauled and maintained. Thus, they can work for additionally 35 years!
We also have the feed pumps (mono pump type) and sludge conveyors to transport the sludge away.

DDS 142C sludge dewatering decanter

Sludge dewatering decanter. Viscotherm hydraulic back drive system.

Capacity; approx. 200 kg dry solids/hour.

MD44-2 decanter for all applications

Decanter in stainless steel 1.4462 (DUPLEX steel with addition of Molybdenum which secures good resistance against pitting corrosion and intergranular corrosion), with 18,5 kW motor and Rotodiff / Viscotherm hydraulic (size 15 kW) automatic back drive system.

Capacity; approx. 350 kg dry solids/hour. Max G-force: 2.880. Year of manufacturing; 1993. The decanter and ancillary equipment will be completely reconditioned at order.

PIERALISI decanter, type JUMBO 4

Sludge dewatering decanter, with automatic back drive system and steering panel. Machine no.: J002715, Year 1998, rpm 3350. ABB motor: 45 kW, 50 Hz.
Hydraulic capacity; approx. 55 m3/hour Estimated sludge capacity: 800 kg dry solids/hour. Max sludge density: 1,4 kg/dm3. Completely reconditioned 2012

Alfa Laval NX314 parts:

Bowl ends with bearing houses, complete bowl and conveyor

Reconditioned conveyor – for Alfa Laval NX 414 decanter

Fully repaired with hard metal surfacing and rebalanced. Suitable for 2-phase decanter with free liquid outlet.

Alfa Laval ALDEC 402 (NX 414B-31G decanter)

Reconditioned Alfa Laval decanter.

Application: Biogas – industrial processing etc. Max speed: 4.000 rpm.
Decanter with electronic brake motor for controlling relative speed..
Conveyor pitch: mm. Motor: 15 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz. Gear box: 2,5 kN. Machine no.: 5021931-2002-
Max sludge density: 1,2 kg/dm3, max feed temperature: 100°C

Alfa Laval AVNX 719B-31G – Reconditioned, as new

Reconditioned decanter centrifuge for sludge dewatering. Capacity: approximately 140 kg/hour. I ex. 7 m3/hour with 2 % solids.

NOXON – DC 20 decanter, for sludge dewatering

For sludge dewatering. excellent working condition including steering panel and hydraulic station. Nominal Capacity: 8-25 m3/h (depending on type of sludge) Maximum dry solids per hour: 800 kg. I ex. 25 m3/hour with 3,2 % solids.
Drum diameter: 531 mm. Drum length: 2298 mm. Max rotation: 2200 rpm. Bowl with long cone.
Dimensions: L x W x H: 3,8 m x 2,1 m x 2,7 m. Hydraulic station: 1,2 m x 0,9 x 1,2 m

Alfa Laval AVNX 935B-31G (NX 4555) decanter

Excellent working condition including steering panel.

For dewatering of biological sludge. Capacity: approximately 800 kg/hour. I ex. 20 m3/hour with 4 % dry solids. Drum diameter: 450/258 mm, Max sludge density: 1,2 kg/dm3, max bowl speed: 3250 rpm.
Serial no. 501.7738. Year 1993. Fully reconditioned in 2012.

Alfa Laval decanter, type CBDNX438B-31G

Decanter for CentriBone or CentriFish processing. AS-NEW condition including original Alfa Laval steering panel with DSC controller.

Decanter for fish and protein processing.  Operating G-force: 3.193, max bowl speed: 3650 rpm. Gear: DD 3,5 kN, Drum diameter: 480/263 mm, Beach angle: 10°, max sludge density: 1,2 kg/dm3, max feed temperature: 110°C,
Main drive motor: 55 kW – Back drive: Variable frequency drive, 11 kW motor
Serial no. 5022274-2004.


Alfa Laval decanter, type NX438S-31G- in excellent condition

2 complete Alfa Laval NX438S decanter units including ancillary equipment, original Alfa Laval control panel for each unit.
Decanter for food and feed applications. All parts in contact with product are produced in DUPLEX / stainless steel AISI316.

Reconditioned Alfa Laval decanter, type PONX944B-31G

As-new Alfa Laval decanter PONX944B-31G.  For protein- and oils applications. Typical used in food and feed industries.

Completely reconditioned in 2017 by SPOMASZ-Wronki decanter factory.