Reverse Osmosis system for laboratory applications

Laboratory reverse osmosis system, model KRAUSE NEW LINE C –  for 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz – 130 W.  with capacity of 3000 ml / min. This small scale unit is manufactured by KRAUSEN.

MAXI 60 – automatic and electric steam boiler – power between 15 and 60 kW

Electric and automatic steam generator, available steam production from 15 to 60 kW. Water feed can be connected directly to the water mains or to a condensate tank. MAXI 60 is supplied with two separate sets of heating elements for single or double operation. Steam working pressure is between 0.5 to 7 bar.

Process tank in stainless steel with 250 liter volume

Insulated stainless steel process tank with stirrer in the bottom.  Manufactured by STERIDOSE in Sweden in 1992.

Process tank with 100 liter volume

Insulated process tank in stainless steel with 100 liter volume. Also other tanks available from stock.

Process tank – 1200 liter

Insulated process tank in stainless steel with 1200 liter volume. Also other tanks available from stock.

Laboratory autoclave, type LEQUEUX

Small scale autoclave unit in stainless steel with 100 liter volume. This unit was manufactured in 1989 by LEQUEUX in France. It is designed for 2,5 bar overpressure and for temperatures up to 139 deg. Celcius.

LUWESTA counter-current extractor unit, type EG 2006

This unit is a centrifugal 3-stage counter-current extractor unit for liquid/liquid extraction and solids removal. The unit is in excellent condition and will be delivered with set of tools and manual in German language.

Westfalia VA 35-09-566 nozzle separator. Centrifugal counter-current extraction equipment

Westfalia VA 35-09-566 separator for liquid/liquid/solids counter-current centrifugal extraction equipment available for processing in fields of biotechnology, medicals, chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear fuels/waste, mineral oils, metal extraction, biodiesel, vegetable oils, edible fats, fish oils, organic substances etc.

ANHYDRO 2-step falling film vacuum evaporator

Complete and in excellent working condition. Manufactured in stainless steel and used in beverage and juice concentration. YOM: 1989

Complete and available from stock. Including original technical documentation. We offer redesign of this plant for your new application.

Please ask for more information and pictures.


3500 W, 380 V

Comes with extra parts

FULTON ELECTRIC STEAM BOILER, Serial no. EB 3057 Year of manufacturing: 2003

Output steam, in kg/h, 100 °C: 65

Supply Voltage: 3 phase, 400/50
Design temperature: 200 °C.

Design pressure: 11,2 bar

Safety valve set pressure: 7,03 bar
Maximum allowable pressure: 11,2 bar

Hydraulic test pressure: 16,8 bar.

Date of test: 11.11.03
Maximum continous rating: 45 kW

Weight: 440 kg

Dimensions (box): L1360xW740xH1840

SORWALL Instruments refrigerated centrifuge, type RT6000B. With brake

Thermostat: – 20 – 40 °C, timer: 0 – 30 min. max. 6.000 rpm. 115 V, 60 Hz, 15Amp, 1000W

MELAG BRUTSCHRANK, type A Incubators 2 units

Thermostat: 0-60 °C type 206 220 V 50 Hz 1A 220 W

l600xw360xH360 mm


Tube sealing Fermant 400T, Nr. 007/93
230 V, 16 A.
Impulse time 0 -10. Cooling time 0 – 10

Laboratory autoclave – Steripilot

This pilot plant autoclave, type Steripilot was manufactured in 1994, and is in excellent condition.

Technical specifications:

Pressure range: 1-5 Bar
Temperature range: 65 – 140 Deg. C
Volume: 80 L

HERAEUS heating, type BK 500

3-40 gr. C., 220 V, 310 W, 52 kg, 220 l, b550 x d590 x h1340.

SCHNELLVERASCHER, type SVR/E, 220 V, 2500 W,

New price 12/06 08: EUR 1.300 ex VAT

SpeedVac Concentrator, model no. AES2000-220.

serial no. AES2000-4B080171-2C

Automatic Environmental SpeedVac with VaporNet. 220 V, 60 Hz, Amps: 8,0
SAVANT Instruments Inc. NY. Dimensions: L800 x w690 x h550 mm. Weight: approx. 100 kg.

Electronic weight, max 120 kg. August Sauter GmbH for Mettler Instruments.

Type KC120s/40. No-S/N 1838004
Monitoring device: Mettler ID1s MultiRange. 220 V, IP65. For wall mounting.

Incubator for dairy test etc. with temperature control.

Including stainless steel stirrer with 0,2 kW motor, 50 Hz, 900 rpm, 380 V, 1,0 A, IP54.
Heating temperature from 0 – 95 °C. Cooling through the buttom of the container with cooling water.
Total length: 1080 x w850 x h 1070 mm. Container dimensions: L800 x w720 x h500 mm
Ask for more pictures and information.

Stainless steel bottles for biotechnology and /or fermentation.

Volumen 14,5 liters. They fit / belong to the cooling/heating bath below

HEATING SYSTEM for 6 bottles – Ø 80 mm

AC 220 V 5,45A 1200 W L1150 x W270 x H 180 mm
ISOPAD Gmbh Heidelberg PILZ RE6/NB400 CE 15275

MANESTY PETRIE fluid bed batch dryer

Bowl dimension: Diameter: 400 mm, Height: 340 mm
Temperature up to 120°C. With timer controls. 400/440 V, 50 Hz

Westfalia pilot plant separator, type SA 1-02-175

Complete, including set of tools, foundation frame, steering panel and technical documentation.
All parts in contact with product is made of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316.  Capacity up to 500 l/hour.  Serial no.: 1669132. Year: 1995.

9000 rpm: 1,0/1,5 kg/dm3 – 6500 rpm: 1,0/3,25 kg/dm3

Stainless steel shelves

Stainless steel cabinet, 7 pieces. Dimension: H=1250 mm, W=1200 mm, D=550 mm, 25 x 25 mm. frame steel. Including 16 shelves.

Laboratory spray dryer unit on wheel

Laboratory spray dryer unit in excellent condition.

Toption Instruments Co, type TP-S50

  • Capacity – water evaporation: 5.000 ml/hour.
  • Temperature range of inlet air: 30°C – 300°C.
  • Temperature range of inlet air: 30°C – 300°C.
  • Precision of temperature: 1°C.
  • Dryer time: 1.0 – 1,5 sec.
  • Speed of squirt pump: 5.000 ml/hour.
  • Spray direction: Downwards co-current.
  • Total power: 10 kW, 380V.
  • Stainless steel tower diameter: 800 mm.
  • Dried powder restoring rate (%): 95.
  • Atomizer speed: 40.000 rpm.
  • Dimension: 1.700 x 1.100 x 1.500 mm.

Small size laboratory table top spray dryer on wheel for free moving. Air compressor and electrical heater inside the cabinet, glass spray and cyclone separator for inspecting. All data and functions are controlled by PLC.

Spray drying can be used in a wide range of applications, where the production of a free-flowing powder sample is required. This techniques has  succesfully processed materials in the following areas: Beverages, flavours and colouring, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceuticals, heat sensitive materials, plastics, polymers and resins, parfumes, ceramics and advanced materials, soaps and detergents, blood, dyestuffs, foods, adhesives, oxides, textiles, bones and many others.

Producer: Toption Instrument Co. LtD – 2019