Stainless steel storage tank – 13.000 liter volume

Used stainless steel storage tank from beverage industriy. Also other tanks available from stock.

Process tank with 100 liter volume

Insulated process tank in acid proof stainless steel – for high temperature and high pressure conditions – with 100 liter volume. Also other tanks available from stock. This unit is in excellent condition. Originally drawing avalable.

Process tank – 1200 liter

Insulated process tank in stainless steel with 1200 liter volume. Also other tanks available from stock.

Laboratory autoclave, type LEQUEUX

Small scale autoclave unit in stainless steel with 100 liter volume. This unit was manufactured in 1989 by LEQUEUX in France. It is designed for 2,5 bar overpressure and for temperatures up to 139 deg. Celcius.

Asking price: EUR 3.000 – ex work – in as  is condition.

Deodorising tower.

Scrubber tower for water rinsing of exhaust fumes.
1000 liter stainless steel on 3 legs with lid on top.

Guistimix – Giusti Horizontal Agitation Mixing System

Type WJ 9674, with heat jacket and vacuum pump. With hydraulic tilt and lid opener

Volume: 75 litres. Stainless steel AISI 316L.

Inner vessel Jacket
25 PSI Test pressure 144 PSI
15 PSI Work pressure 80 PSI

Research-Cottrell. Bag filter for cyclones. AISI 304. Explosion proof.

Rated air flow: 61.540 kg/h or 57.514 m3/hour at 47°C – delta p: 120 mm wg .