Alfa Laval tricanter centrifuge, NX438B-11G

The Alfa Laval NX 438 centrifuges are designed especially to operate in extremely demanding separation jobs. High flow rates, very high solids content handling and high temperature processing have directed the NX438 design parameters – to fulfil the very tough conditions within the animal and fish processing industries. Furthermore, the NX438 provides the combination of an extraordinary high G-force, high torque capabilities and automated operation.

Alfa Laval separator, type AX215H-31B including installation module

One pre-owned Alfa Laval separator, type AX215H-31B including installation module, set of tools and manual. All in excellent condition and ready from stock.

The AX215 centrifugal separation system is specially designed for liquid polishing and fine particle harvesting. Typical applications include beverage and sugar processing, liquid polishing and harvesting valuable solids in the pharmaceutical indystry. Motor: 32 kW, 50Hz, 380 V.

Alfa Laval BRPX413 XGD-74 separator

Reconditioned Alfa Laval BRPX413 XGD-74 separator in concentrator configuration.

Machine no.: 4034312. Including vibration monitoring box, cyclone and sludge container in stainless steel, foundation frame in normal steel, set of tools, manual and 6 month guaranty period. Disc stack with 70 disc – disc distance 2 mm. Including original electrical control-/steering panel.

Motor: 30 kW, 50 Hz, 400 Volt

Asking price: EUR 55.000 EXW