Westfalia VA 35-09-566 nozzle separator. Centrifugal counter-current extraction equipment

Westfalia VA 35-09-566 separator for liquid/liquid/solids counter-current centrifugal extraction equipment available for processing in fields of biotechnology, medicals, chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear fuels/waste, mineral oils, metal extraction, biodiesel, vegetable oils, edible fats, fish oils, organic substances etc.

AFPX513XGD-14/74 separator

Reconditioned Alfa Laval separator, type AFPX513XGD-14/74 for 3-phase liquid/liquid/solid separation. Disc stack distance 2 mm. This separator is normally used in fish and meat processing for separating fat or fish oil from the water and solids phase – or vise versa. Capacity up to 20.000 l/hour.