Laboratory spray dryer unit on wheel

Laboratory spray dryer unit in excellent condition.

Toption Instruments Co, type TP-S50

  • Capacity – water evaporation: 5.000 ml/hour.
  • Temperature range of inlet air: 30°C – 300°C.
  • Temperature range of inlet air: 30°C – 300°C.
  • Precision of temperature: 1°C.
  • Dryer time: 1.0 – 1,5 sec.
  • Speed of squirt pump: 5.000 ml/hour.
  • Spray direction: Downwards co-current.
  • Total power: 10 kW, 380V.
  • Stainless steel tower diameter: 800 mm.
  • Dried powder restoring rate (%): 95.
  • Atomizer speed: 40.000 rpm.
  • Dimension: 1.700 x 1.100 x 1.500 mm.


Small size laboratory table top spray dryer on wheel for free moving. Air compressor and electrical heater inside the cabinet, glass spray and cyclone separator for inspecting. All data and functions are controlled by PLC.

Spray drying can be used in a wide range of applications, where the production of a free-flowing powder sample is required. This techniques has  succesfully processed materials in the following areas: Beverages, flavours and colouring, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceuticals, heat sensitive materials, plastics, polymers and resins, parfumes, ceramics and advanced materials, soaps and detergents, blood, dyestuffs, foods, adhesives, oxides, textiles, bones and many others.

Producer: Toption Instrument Co. LtD – 2019