About Us

We are an engineering and trading company specializing in separation technology since 1996. Our products are applicable in a wide range of industries. We have products for Fish & Meat processing,  Beverage clarification, Edible oils refining, Sludge dewatering and – thickening, Sewage water polishing, and much more.

Tell us your need, we are ready to do our best to find the best solution for you and your process.

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Our Services

Repairs & Reconditioning

Complete reconditioning and repairs of decanter centrifuges, separators & other process equipment is offered through our affiliated repair work shop.


We offer field test on your products with our mobile plug-and-play separator unit.  We also offer start-up assistance, commissioning & training for the process equipment we offer.


Jensen & Nowak offers sales of reconditioned, and used decanter centrifuges, separators, pumps, evaporators & much more. We also offer new products through our affiliates.


Contact us to sell your surplus equipment.


Sludge dewatering equipment and other process equipment available for rent in Denmark.

Please contact us for a competitive offer