Alfa Laval BRPX413 XGD-74 separator

Reconditioned Alfa Laval BRPX413 XGD-74 separator in concentrator configuration.

Machine no.: 4034312. Including vibration monitoring box, cyclone and sludge container in stainless steel, foundation frame in normal steel, set of tools, manual and 6 month guaranty period. Disc stack with 70 disc – disc distance 2 mm.

Asking price: EUR 55.000 EXW

Butcher Boy, model B 16

Butcher Boy saw machine, model B 16.

Serial number 6-14862. 2 H.P., 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase, 3,2 Amps

This unit is in excellent working condition and is ready for shipment from our stock.

Asking price: EUR 1.800 EXW

Atlas Copco compressor unit ZR45

One complete Atlas Copco compressor unit, type ZR45, in excellent condition.

This unit has been in operation for only 9.169 hours.

Dimension (for transport): L x W x H: 2,4 m x 1,4 m x 1,5 m.

Estimated weight: 2 tonnes.

Asking price: EUR 9.800 EXW


Mobile ultra filtration plant produced by DDS, type 35/GR60P.

Complete including pump, preheater (tube heat exchanger) and starter box.

Module: 35 42 7 GR60P      Serial nr.: 943 50212 1981

Pump: Pasilac centrifugal pump, type ZMH-3   Serial no.: 59.907/01-1

Dimensions (for transport): L x W x H: 2,95 m x 1.07 m x 1,58 m.

Weight estimated to around 700 kg.

Asking price: EUR 8.000 EXW


Flottweg tricanter, type Z6E-4 / 444 with extra rotor unit

One used Flottweg tricanter, type Z6E-4/444 in excellent condition. YOM 1997

This unit is in excellent condition and comes with a spare rotor unit. Original Flottweg electrical panel included.

PREWA packing machine

One complete PREWA bag packing machine, type M300 available from stock. It has been in operation with one BILWENCO DW60-S weighing machine, that we also have available from our stock.

Asking Price: EUR 9.900 EXW

BILWENCO DW60-S weighing unit

This used weighing unit has been manufactured in 1991 by ENKOTEC, Denmark. It has been in operation together with one Vero-pak packing machine, type  M300 – we also have available from our stock.

Asking Price: EUR 6.500 EXW

SPROUT-MATADOR mill unit, type 650/315B

We now have one used SPROUT-MATADOR mill unit in stock

The  SPROUT-MATADOR hammer mill unit is type 650/315B mill with metal separator on top and Co-Jet filter DFB16/1800.


Process tank with 100 liter volume

Insulated process tank in acid proof stainless steel -for high temperature and high pressure conditions – with 100 liter volume. Also other tanks available from stock. This unit is in excellent condition. Originally drawing avalable.

Process tank – 1200 liter

Insulated process tank in stainless steel with 1200 liter volume. Also other tanks available from stock.

Laboratory autoclave, type LEQUEUX

Small scale autoclave unit in stainless steel with 100 liter volume. This unit was manufactured in 1989 by LEQUEUX in France. It is designed for 2,5 bar overpressure and for temperatures up to 139 deg. Celcius.

Asking price: EUR 3.000 – ex work – in as  is condition.

LUWESTA counter-current extractor unit, type EG 2006

This unit is a centrifugal 3-stage counter-current extractor unit for liquid/liquid extraction and solids removal. The unit is in excellent condition and will be delivered with set of tools and manual in German language.

Pieralisi decanter, type Major FP6002RS for sludge dewatering

Pieralisi sludge dewatering equipment for dewatering of municipal biological sludge. This decanter unit is also normally used in industrial applications. Capacity around 10.000 liters of sludge per hour with around 2 % dry solids.

Westfalia VA 35-09-566 nozzle separator. Centrifugal counter-current extraction equipment

Westfalia VA 35-09-566 separator for liquid/liquid/solids counter-current centrifugal extraction equipment available for processing in fields of biotechnology, medicals, chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear fuels/waste, mineral oils, metal extraction, biodiesel, vegetable oils, edible fats, fish oils, organic substances etc.

ANHYDRO 4-step falling film vacuum evaporator unit

Complete – and still installed – ANHYDRO 4 step falling-film evaporator with 2 MVR units in serial – current water evaporation capacity is 6.500 kg/hour at 65°C. Last operated in fish industry.

ANHYDRO 2-step falling film vacuum evaporator

Complete and in excellent working condition. Manufactured in stainless steel and used in beverage and juice concentration. YOM: 1989

Complete and available from stock. Including original technical documentation. We offer redesign of this plant for your new application.

Please ask for more information and pictures.

Laboratory autoclave – Steripilot

This pilot plant autoclave, type Steripilot was manufactured in 1994, and is in excellent condition.

Technical specifications:

Pressure range: 1-5 Bar
Temperature range: 65 – 140 Deg. C
Volume: 80 L

UN-USED acid proof stainless steel condenser

Design pressure: -1/+1 barg. Design temperature: 100°C
Top and bottom: Ø 450 mm klöpper – lenght 5.900 mm. Thickness: 4 mm. 128 piece of 25/2 mm pipes. Flange after DIN 2576.
Total lenght: 485 cm

Steam condenser – designed for sea water on the cooling site. Incl. drawing and CE-doc. Material W 1.4462 (SAF2205)

Ducting pipe

Total lenght: 485 cm

Ø57 cm – flange Ø65 cm – in circular end, and 47 cm x 66 cm – flange 74 x 55 cm – in rectangular end.

Novenco pressure ventilator

Type CBF-1000 RG90Z. Capacity and other data will be sent on request.

Ventilators in stainless steel AISI 304.

Complete Anhydro 3-stages spray drying plant.

All parts in contact with products, are in stainless steel AISI 304.
Capacity: 1.200 kg milk powder per hour.
This plant was designed for up-grading an Norwegian dairy in 1999, but after installation, the plant was shut down!
Please ask for more pictures and quotation.

RotoSieve, type 2013-141 stainless steel screen mounted on a mild steel frame

RotoSieve – Capacity: 150 l/second.
Overall dimensions: Length: 2 m. Width: 0,8 m. Height: 1,35 m. Year 1987
The unit is otherwise in good working condition.

need to be repaired! Ø screen holes: 4 mm. No. 1315 – Year: 1987. BAUER motor. Gear:

HUBER stainless steel flocculation reactor with stirrer

Overall dimensions: Height: 2,5 meter. Diameter: 1 meter.
Excellent working condition.

Container with build-in GEA/HYSEP decanter for sludge dewatering

Complete, build in 20″ container, capacity up to 440 kg/hour dry substance. Plug-and -play unit.

Stainless steel (1.4404 – 316L) pipe caps, 45°, 90° bends etc.

Ø 106, 112, 119, 154, 173, 192, 217 up to 700 mm


1 pallets (4 cartons) with 25 mm insulation material. 8 m2/carton

FILTER SCHAFFNER, type FN351-16-29

3x440VAC/50-60Hz/16A@40°C/HPF -25°C.+85°C L=5,2mH
C(L-L)=3,3μF C(L-E)=0,7 μF R(L-L)=2MOhm

Danfoss VLT, type 5032. IP 20. Serial no. 010519G380. 22 kW

IN: 3 x 380 – 500 V, 50/60 Hz, 60 A OUT: 3 x 0-Vin, 0-1000 Hz, 44A 61A 43,8 kVA T. amb: Max 40/45°C

Danfoss VLT, type 5022. IP 20. Serial no. 011519G380. 15 kW

IN: 3 x 380 – 500 V, 50/60 Hz, 36,9 A OUT: 3 x 0-Vin, 0-1000 Hz, 32A 37,5A 27 kVA T. amb: Max 40/45°C

Danfoss VLT

Type 6016.HT4C20, with ventilator. IP 20. Serial no. 044619G350 11kW

New, un-used and still in original packing.

ABB frequency converter, type ACS501-004-3-00P200000. No. 5319668.

INPUT: 3 ~, 380…415 V, 4.7/6.2 A, 48…63 Hz
OUTPUT: 3 ~, 380…415 V, 6.2/7.5 A, 0…120 Hz

Stainless steel shelf

7 pieces. Dimension: H=1250 mm, B=1200 mm, D=550 mm, 25 x 25 mm SS, incl. 16 shelves

TRACTEL mobil lifting table, model TL 200 M

workload 200 kg, Machine no. 7835. Weight 59 kg. Year 1997.

CHR. STOUGAARD polyloader, type PL.6-100

380 V, 2200 W + 2 VESTER ÅBY VIBRATOR, 220 V, 80 W. Nr. 13251 + 14790.

Keystone butterfly valves

One 200 mm butterfly valves with housing in stainless steel.

Type 200, 250, 300 – with normal steel housing and butterfly valve in stainless steel.

Anhydro blow through rotary powder valves, type C2991

Rectangular flange – outer dimensions: 340 x 296 mm
Rectanular flange – inner dimensions: 277 x 237 mm
Circular flange – inner dimension: Ø 280 mm

TEKFA stainless steel pressure weighing cells, type RBST

Specifications:  175 kg, 1,8 mV/V, 5 pieces. + 350 kg, 1,8 mV/V, 10 pieces. Steering panel included.

Complete FOXJET printer unit

Printer heads, 8 pieces., Model 7400, 2 pieces., Quantum 7, 2 pieces

Electronic weight, max 120 kg. August Sauter GmbH for Mettler Instruments.

Type KC120s/40. No-S/N 1838004
Monitoring device: Mettler ID1s MultiRange. 220 V, IP65. For wall mounting.

SPIRAC SARCO Actuator, type PN9336E

Spring: 1.0 – 2.0 Bar. Travel: 30 mm, SET AT. Press. max. 4 bar.
SP200 – Smart Positioner
Supply pres. 1.4 – 6 bar. Input: Analog 4-20 mA. Output: 0-100 % supply pressure. Analog feed back. Elec. limit switch.
Spirac Sarco regulating valve, type KE73. PTSUSS 2, DN 100, Kvs 160. T max 250 °C, PN 25. Serial no. F3748056-0 C08.

Steam regulating valves, steam traps,

temperature instruments etc.

Alfa Laval LKLA-T NC stainless steel (304) actuators

With INDI top and mounting brackets for: DIN 25-50, 65, 80-100, 200

AVK closing valve

2 x Rubber compensator, type ERV DN100 PN16-4 in stainless flange: DN100 PN10/16 1.4571 13591
2 x SOCLA 125/PN16 with flange
Pallet dimensions: 120 cm x 80 cm x 49 cm.

0610030014 DN100/FL PN10-16/EP-EP DIN3352-4/DIN3230-4 GGG-GJS/STEM: W.4021/EPDM CTC/WATER/70°C

STENHØJ compressors, type DB 23. 1992, no. 205347/18

Max charge of refrigerant: 0,820 kg Max allowable work, pressure, refrigerant: 25 bar Max allowable work, pressure, compressor: 16 bar Max allowable work temperature: 60 °C
Allowable ambient temperature min/max: +2 / +43 °C
220 V, 50 Hz 0,64 kW IP23

FULTON ELECTRIC STEAM BOILER, Serial no. EB 3057 Year of manufacturing: 2003

Output steam, in kg/h F&A 100 °C: 65 Supply Voltage: 3 ph 400/50
Design temperature: 200 °C. Design pressure: 11,2 bar Safety valve set pressure: 7,03 bar
Maximum allowable pressure: 11,2 bar Hydraulic test pressure: 16,8 bar. Date of test: 11.11.03
Maximum continous rating: 45 kW Weight: 440 kg Dimensions (box): L1360xW740xH1840

NOVENCO, type CBF-1000/70/R

Pos. RD-90/Z
Air volume m3/s: up to 20 – depending on motor size Temperature: 30°C
Weight, excl. motor and belt drive, kg: 1.300 – weight, motor: 455 kg.
Mounted with ASEA motor, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 90 kW, 1485 rpm, 380 V, 170 Amp. IP 54.
Click on text to see data.

NOVENCO ventilator, type CT-800/100/R

Click on text to see data.

serial nr. 187839, RD-O, with VEM motor=45 kW.

NOVENCO ventilator Type CT-800/100/R

Click on text to see data.

serial nr. 187836, med VEM motor=45 kW (300 kg)

POLLRICH suction ventilator with 75 kW motor

POLLRICH ventilator with 75 kW motor.

Type SH45/RU560R630/GR90 no: 46856 / 75123.

This ventilator is now completely reconditioned with new bearings etc.

Technical specifications: V: 7,22 m3/s, n: 1800 rpm, Nw: 40,7 kW, ΔPg: 460 kg/m2, ɣ: 0,86 kg/m3, tmax: 150°C

Air suction pipe diameter:                           Outlet, diameter:

Freight dimensions: L x W x H: 2,5 m x  1,4 m x 2,5 m. Est. weight: 1.300 kg.

NOVENCO A/S ventilator, type CPC-500/200/D – no: 186525

with ABB motor
Air suction pipe diameter:
Outlet, diameter:

Løvig & Sukkestad ventilator, type MR30 – no: 42065

with ASEA motor, type MBL132 SB38-2 – 3 phase, 7,5 kW, 50 Hz, 220 V/380V, 25A/14,5 A, 2890 rpm.
Air suction diameter:
Outlet, diameter:

LINATEX A/S ventilator with AEG motor, type AD 63R – 0,18 kW, 2800 rpm

Air suction pipe diameter: 125 mm, Outlet, diameter: 185 mm

Ventilator with VEM motor 1,1 kW, 50 Hz, 230 V/400V, 2810 – 2855 rpm.

Air suction diameter: 130 mm
Outlet, diameter: 130 x 240 mm

Aerzen blower, type GLa 10.2 Manufac. no. 176196, Year 1975

Px: kW n: rpm, Q1: m3/min, p1: bar, p2: bar, Δp: mbar.
manufac. no. , Volume: , Betriebsüberdruch: bar.
motor, type, IP55, 5,5 kW, rpm, A, weigth: kg

Unit, dimensions: L x W x H: 140 cm x 60 cm x 55 cm, estimated weight: 300 kg.

Aerzen blower, type GM11,4 Manufac. no. 336493, 1990,

Px: 10,5 kW n: 2900 rpm, Q1: 9,5 m3/min, p1: 1,0 bar, p2: 0,5 bar, Δp: 500 mbar.
Vessel: Emmethaler Apparatbau, manufac. no. 220032, Volume: 56 L, Betriebsüberdruch: 1,05 bar.
VEM motor, type K21R 160L 4-2 DK HW, IP55, 12,5 / 15 kW, 1460 / 2915 rpm, 23,5 / 29,5 A, weigth: 120 kg
Unit, dimensions: L x W x H: 180 cm x 79 cm x 79 cm, weight: 200 kg.
Insulating house, dimensions: L x W x H: 210 cm x 110 cm x 110 cm, weight: 40 kg.

Aerzen blower, type GM11,4 Manufac. no. 336492, 1990,

Px: 10,5 kW n: 2900 rpm, Q1: 9,5 m3/min, p1: 1,0 bar, p2: 0,5 bar, Δp: 500 mbar.
Vessel: Emmethaler Apparatbau, manufac. no. 220032, Volume: 56 L, Betriebsüberdruch: 1,05 bar.
AEG motor, type AM160MZA2Q4 IEC 60034, 50 Hz, IP55, 15 kW, 2930 rpm, 380-420 / 655-725V, 28 / 16,2 A
Unit, dimensions: L x W x H: 180 cm x 79 cm x 79 cm, weight: 200 kg.
Insulating house, dimensions: L x W x H: 210 cm x 110 cm x 110 cm, weight: 40 kg.

Aerzen blower, type GM10S, Manufac. no. 728905, Auf. tr. nr.:61-037609-01. 1996,

Px: 13,0 kW n: 3950 rpm, Q2: 8,71 m3/min, p1: 1,0 bar, p2: 0,65 bar, ΔP: 650 mbar.
Vessel: LEW, Manufac. no. 509, Volume: 37 L, Betr. Ü. Druch: 1,05 bar. Pressure difference: 700 mbar.
SIEMENS motor, 1LA5166-OEA66-Z, 50 Hz, IP55, 160L, 400V, 25,6 / 32 A, 13/17 kW, 1460/2935 rpm.
Shipping dimensions: L x W x H: 120 cm x 80 cm x 150 cm, weight: 150 kg.

TEKFA blower

D=390 mm, H=1110 mm., with ENDRESS+HAUSER Liquiphant II, plus 2 vibrators (Copenhagen Vibrator Products ApS), type K13. Indfyldning i top. Udtag i bund via (stor) butterflyventil med luftstyret aktuator, type WIRE MATIC REGLER AB. Indblæsning via 3,0 kW blæser motor. Stativ for beholder samt blæsermotor.

VEM motor, type KPER 280 S4, 75 kW. 1450 rpm, IP 55, 530 kg.

ABB motor, type HXR 315 SR 4/6 R3W, 95 kW, 2 speed/900/1490 rpm. IP55, 930 kg


Fabr. no. K2137392
220 V 13 VA/W 50/60 HZ IP65 4-20 mA 1000 DM3 333.30 DM3/min
Mat.: 1.4571 Lin. Mat. HG C-factor: 1,0160/44


C25 – no. 032106 – Max flow: 8 m3/h, Max pressure:10 Bar
C38 – no. 147122 – Max flow: 20 m3/h, Max pressure:10 Bar
C38 – no. 219716 – Max flow: 20 m3/h, Max pressure:10 Bar
C51 – no. 902623 – Max flow: 40 m3/h, Max pressure:10 Bar
C63 – no. 546108 – Max flow: 80 m3/h, Max pressure:10 Bar


K-factor: 2.5784 / 0 SIZE: DN25 / 1″ PS = 40 bar Materials: 1.4539 / 904L TMmax: 125°C
85-260 VAC 50 – 60 HZ IP67 15 VA/W
– 20°C < Tamb < + 60°C CE approved. DN 40 - Ø ORIFICE / PIPE RESTRICTION 22 MM NEW PRICE 2016: APPROXIMATELY EUR 6.000

RANNIE high pressure pump, type LP 63-60

This unit was designed for Q= 10.000 l/hour and 70 bar.
Dimensions: L x W x H: 165 cm x 50 cm x 100 cm, estimated weight: 500 kg.
Completely reconditioned in 2014.

Poly More blending unit, type 2000 incl. manual.

We have 2 complete units in stock.
We offer overhaul, maintenance, commisioning, start-up and instruction of the units.


Motor: 95 kW – extra motor with the machine
Dimensions: L x W x H: 1,5 x 1,0 x 2,5 m – estimated weight: 900 kg.
Incl. manual and spare parts catalogue in English and German language.

STAINLESS STEEL PADDLE. This paddle has been used in food industry.

Total lenght: 1.020 mm Blade lenght: 790 mm witdh: 250 mm Shaft Ø: 40 mm
Thread Ø: 20 mm
Our asking price for this unit, in as is condition, is only EUR 800 ex work.

STAINLESS STEEL PROPELING MIXER This mixer has been used in food industry.

Total lenght: 1.250 mm Shaft lenght: 1.000 mm Ø: 25 mm Propel: 100 x 40 mm
Flange with 4 holes Ø: 12 mm. Hole hole cross length: 165 mm
Motor: FFD Wien, type DPIG 80 B/4. 0,75 kW, 1.400 rpm, 50 Hz, IP54, Isol. Class: B
Our asking price for this unit, in as is condition, is only EUR 800 ex work.

APV RANNIE, no. 3986. Year of manufacturing: 1967

This homogenisator has been used in food industry. It can supply 200 Bar pressure with operation of the LW valve for milk products.
Can be sold in as is condition or reconditioned on request.
Our asking price for this unit, in as is condition, is only EUR 6.000 ex work.

OPTIMAR belt conveyor – width = 450 mm, lenght = 2300 mm.

OPTIMAR belt conveyors.2 units available from stock.

Belt lenght: 2.3 meter / width: 0,45 meter.

Gear motor: ECH TOP – SHANGHAI TOP MOTOR, 3 ph., Frame: MS100L 1-4 IP56
50/60 Hz, 220-240/380-420 – 2,2 kW – 1420 rpm – 8,38 A.
Gear: i=28

Belt conveyor.

Width=400 mm, lenght=2500 mm, with adjustable legs: 300-350 mm + one pair of stationary legs, ca. 300 mm.

Screw conveyors for sludge and dry solids transport.

Screw conveyors available – up to 100 meters in stock.

Shaftless screw conveyors in mild steel . Screw diameter: 400 mm

Also screw coonveyors in stainless steel in stock.

Sludge conveyor. 8,5 meter long. New gear motor

180 mm conveyor diameter – normal steel.
Outlet: 300 x 220 mm

Horizontal SPIRAC shaftless normal steel conveyor, type U320 SS2333. Year 1993.

5 meter stainless steel conveyor with hopper, 400 x 400 mm.
Outlet dimension Ø: 320 mm.
NORD gear motor, 2,2 kW/20 rpm.

Horizontal powder conveyor.

Diameter 200 mm – stainless steel – 1,54 m
with hopper, 680 x 260 mm.
Outlet dimensions: 260 x 310 mm.

Horizontal powder conveyor – stainless steel – lenght 4,5 meter.

180 mm conveyor diameter.
Total lenght: 5,0 meter. Weight: 300 kg
Including gear motor (inside storage)
45 ° powder conveyor – stainless steel – lenght 5 meter long.
220 mm conveyor diameter. Outlet diameter: 200 mm
Total lenght: 6,0 meter. Weight: 300 kg


Cooling media: R407C
SPECIFICATION: 2000 liter water from +12°C to +1°C
Dimension, mm: L x W x H: 2110 x 1110 x 1850 – weight: 1200 kg

Power consumption: aprox. 20,0 kW at max. capacity

Electrical data: 3 x 400 V.

Year: 2007


FINSAM – plate ice machine plant. Model VIP 18B UAV.

Manufacturing year: 1992
Nominel capaity: 30 ton/24 hour at 15°C water feed temperature. The unit is prepared for double capacity.
Complete including Sabroe cooling compressor, pumps, storage and conveyor system including weighing and transport system with blower, cooling tower etc.
Steering and control panel with Allen Bradley plc etc.

CONTHERM, type 6 x 9

CONTHERM, type 6 x 9
Batteri in stainless steel with 5 x CONTHERM 6 x 9, type CxxxxSCC
Dimensions: L x H x W = 4 m x 2 m x 1 m
Weight: 2.000 kg.

4 meter screw conveyor with hopper for meat discards.

This conveyor was used to transport meat discards to grinder as start as fat processing line.

Binge (hopper) – for 30 m3 of meat discards. This binge contains two stainless steel (new) conveyors – each controlled by separate Reynold gear motors.

The discards is feed to the end of the binge, where another conveyor – 8 meter long – transports the discards to – i. ex. mincer or cooker etc.
This binge was used for feeding mincer for proccessing fish discards.

KALMAR LMV, model 5,5 – 600 Year 1984

Chassi: T32010, 1565

5500 kg 600 mm gravity

3,3 m lifting height

7.960 kg Elsystem: 12 V

KALMAR LMV, model DB 5,5 – 500 Year 1989

Serial no.: 1320103083

5000 kg D 500 mm H 3.300 mm

3,3 m lifting height

Service weight: 6.950 kg Battery system: 12 V

236. Diverse EUROPE Ventilationsrør, RS. AISI 316 L,

D=110 + AISI 301 L, D=110 + bends, AISI 316 L, D=110 mm.

Reconditioned Alfa Laval decanter, type PONX944B-31G

As-new decanter PONX944B-31G.  For protein products and vegetable oils processing.

Completely reconditioned in 2018.

Alfa Laval WSPX 403TGP-61G separator

Complete 3-phase separator, including set of tools and manual. ABB motor 2,2 kW, 50 Hz. Excellent condition – as new. Capacity up to 1.500 l/hour. Separator for removing tramp oil from wash water.

Manufacturing year: 1998.

Alfa Laval BRPX313XGD-74 separator

Reconditioned units. In excellent working condition.

Capacity, BRPX313XGD-74 – stick water: 12.000 – 18.000 l/hour. Motor: 22 kW

Alfa Laval self cleaning strainer, SS

Stainless steel filter unit: 3 or 6 scraper blades mounted on a stainless steel shaft – which is rotating into a stainless steel house. Specially designed for continuous removal of coarse particles from process liquids in order to protect downstream equipment like centrifugal separators, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.

Alfa Laval CONTHERM 6×9, scrape heat exchanger, SS

Reconditioned contherm scrape heat exchange