POLLRICH suction ventilator with 75 kW motor

POLLRICH ventilator with 75 kW motor.

Type SH45/RU560R630/GR90 no: 46856 / 75123

This ventilator is now completely reconditioned with new bearings etc.

Technical specifications: V: 7,22 m3/s, n: 1800 rpm, Nw: 40,7 kW, ΔPg: 460 kg/m2, ɣ: 0,86 kg/m3, tmax: 150°C

Air suction pipe diameter:                           Outlet, diameter:

Freight dimensions: L x W x H: 2,5 m x  1,4 m x 2,5 m. Est. weight: 1.300 kg.